Posted by: beradiant | December 9, 2008

A la Mediterranean

Good morning everyone! It’s a wintry day here today, but in typical Texas fashion, we’re supposed to be back in the 50s tomorrow under sunny skies!

John just whipped up some eggs and I had a small plate full¬†– probably 3 whole eggs (yes, yolk and all since that’s how he made them) – very filling! I figure this will give me more than enough energy for another run before my doctors appointment this afternoon. We have a law school party to go to tonight since they’re done with finals, so that should be fun! We’re supposed to bring some sort of appetizer – any easy ideas? He told me this last night after dinner, so of course I haven’t had time to hit the grocery store yet.

I was scanning through the news this morning and came across another article on the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet. This is a diet plan I’ve been looking into for a long time now, and since it really seems to fit my current eating patterns, I’m thinking why not?! I would need to cut back on my red meat intake a bit and sugars for sure. Although I do try to sweeten things naturally with honey, etc., I know I get plenty of other sugars in my diet. Does anyone currently follow the Mediterranean diet?? How do you like it? Are there any real challenges? You can check out the Mediterranean food pyramid here.

What will you do today to improve your health?

Have a creative and healthy Tuesday!

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.”
– Albert Schweitzer




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