About Me

Hello beautiful readers! My goal with this blog is to help myself grow positively radiant from the inside out and learn from all of you in the process. I’ll highlight my interests and parts of my day – healthy eating, exercise, fashion, interior design and nature – that inspire me and keep me radiant from the inside out! This isn’t a weight loss story or food blog, but rather a documentary, if you will, of simply living life to its fullest and approaching each day with a positive outlook.

I should have prefaced all this by saying that I’m constantly inspired by all the amazing women out there who approach life with a positive attitude. I’m in no way a happiness expert, but I’m striving to be positively content in my life by nurturing my inner beauty and continuing to learn from those around me. Sometimes the smallest things in life can ease your anxiety, bring out a smile and give you hope. My goal is to remind everyone to “stop and smell the roses,” treat your body with care and make the most of yourself no matter what your situation!

About Me:


I’m a newlywed and a traveling PR professional trying to maintain balance in life from one airport to the next! Life is busy and often confusing, but I truly believe that a positive mindset can help you accomplish anything! My husband and I recently made a bittersweet move back to Texas from Chicago and continue to grow as we adjust to a new city and new friends. I continue to do a lot of soul searching as I ponder over graduate study, other job opportunities, and a strong desire to follow my heart to be the best I can be. Although I’ll reveal a lot about myself through my daily blog posts, here’s a quick “get to know me” recap J:


Name: Bethany


Age: 24


Location: Texas


What Inspires Me: God’s love, natural beauty, the quote, “Because I can”


Best Shopping: Whole Foods


Smile Guaranteed: Puppies, a candlelit room, a letter in the mail, a sincere compliment


Favorite Cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Paris


Warm The Soul: Giving to those in need, a big hug from my favorite guy ;), The Sound of Music, a cup of tea and a good book


Eager To: Learn yoga, explore new cities, and find a real sense of peace


Beauty Buzz: Susan Ciminelli Sea Clay Mask, Ojon Palm Nut Oil, L’Occitane Shampoo, Rosebud Lip Salve, Benefit Benetint Lip/Cheek Stain, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer


Daily Habit: Red wine J


Break a Sweat: I run 2-4 miles each day and mix strength training into my routine 4 days/week. I also enjoy Bikram Yoga when I’m on the road.

Me on my wedding day - August 2008

Me on my wedding day - August 2008

My husband, John, and me

My husband, John, and me


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