Posted by: beradiant | December 8, 2008

Good Morning and Welcome!

Good morning everyone! I don’t know about you all, but it was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed this morning. In fact, I woke up just in time for a work conference call and had to present my groggy voice to all my co-workers – oops! Although I know it’s cold out this morning, it’s a beautifully sunny winter morning. After having a cup of herbal tea (Berry Antioxidant to be exact!) and an english muffin with apple butter, I’m feeling perfectly content :). Apparently there’s a snow storm in sight, and while that will probably mean delayed flights for me this week, it’s very exciting to think we might actually get a feel for winter! I like to consider myself a snow champion after living in Chicago for a year ;).

I have a long run on my agenda today and some leg exercises to boot. John is home studying for law school finals, so he’ll most likely join me for a workout. I always find it incredibly motivating to have him, or anyone else, on the treadmill next to me. It empowers me to keep going when I want to stop. It really is amazing what your body can do when you get past the mental road blocks.

Now for a little nibble of inspiration: My mom is a marathon runner and such an inspiration to me. She ran in the Chicago marathon last year after spraining her ankle the day before AND enduring the record-setting heat that turned the marathon into a “fun run”. She finished the race without walking once, had a smile on her face, and NO PAIN in her ankle. I don’t like to use the word miracle a lot, but this surely felt close to one. She ran another marathon three weeks ago and said it was the worst one yet – her legs, feet and toes cramped up at mile 13 and it was excruciating getting to the finish line. Despite all this, she made it! I am constantly impressed by her determination and both physical and mental strength. When I’m on that treadmill running my comparatively short 3 miles, I think of her and how we’re built to accomplish so much more than we can imagine.

Here’s my question for you: When you feel like you can’t go another step, jump, rep in the gym, what motivates you to keep going?

Have a fabulous day everyone! I’ll check back in later this evening. I leave you with a few pictures from my honeymoon in San Jose del Cabo!

Dinner at Charlie Trotter's Agua

Dinner at Charlie Trotter's Agua

View from our patio - seeing this picture gives me instant calm!

View from our patio - seeing this picture gives me instant calm!


  1. Your mom sounds amazing! When I feel like I can’t go any further I like to think of how proud of myself I’m going to feel afterwards if I keep going. I always feel so elated when I’ve had a particularly hard workout – the shower feels better, the food tastes better and I always feel like I’m glowing when I really kick my butt working out or running. When I’m outside and know I have to run all the way back and just want to walk I like to think of how I’ll get home faster and be able to sit down if I just dig deep and keep going.

    p.s. Cute honeymoon pics!!

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